Shared Care Checklist

Generally, visits are every four weeks until 28 weeks and then every two weeks until 36 weeks. The following information describes the usual course of appointments when care is shared with us. You can also likely use this if you share care with other Obstetrical Care providers.

Initial 1st-trimester visit

At this visit, the physician does the following:

  • Reviews the patient’s history and risks
  • Does a complete physical, including a Pap smear (if needed) and swabs (note that some people choose to do these tests at a subsequent visit)
  • Has a discussion regarding prenatal screening, which could include first trimester screening, non-invasive prenatal testing, genetics consult, and/or amniocentesis
  • Gives information about and orders initial blood work, labs and ultrasound (see the referral checklist for what is needed)
  • Arranges referral to the desired pregnancy care provider

At about 14 weeks

  • Book your patient a morphology ultrasound for when she is at 18-20 weeks.

At 20 weeks

  • This is the first visit with us. Please send the antenatal records and all test results before this visit

At 24 weeks

  • Review their visit with us
  • Order the complete blood count (CBC) and the 50-gram gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) screen (note: If your patient is Rh negative, also order a repeat prenatal antibodies screen at this time)
  • Organize a WinRho®SDF as required. (we can help here, if needed)
  • Review the signs and symptoms of preterm labour

Between 28 and 32 weeks

  • Prepare all documents for transfer to us for ongoing care