Wisconsin Private Road Maintenance Agreement

If it can be proved that the use of the road has been approved by the mother, the elements necessary for the creation of a prescribed easement do not seem to be respected. This would be a fact-based analysis. The broker may disclose the newly provided information as information that indicates the possibility of a significant adverse event. The parties can then investigate and deal with the situation with the assistance of a lawyer. A buyer who plans to buy an indoor plot may conceive of the offer as dependent on legal access or not. The owner of an interior parcel may attempt to acquire additional land to build a private driveway or obtain private road easement rights. Typically, adjacent landowners are contacted to negotiate an easement that would be designed by a lawyer. All easements should address issues such as the type of road to be installed, the type of driveway surface, responsibility for expenses and maintenance costs, and any restrictions on use of and access to the road. There are many plots of land that do not have legal access to public roads and are therefore considered indoors. These plots can be sold, but assessing the property can be difficult if there is no legal access. If none of the adjacent owners are willing to grant an easement, Wis. Stat. ยง 82.27, online under legis.wisconsin.gov/statutes/Stat0082.pdf, establishes a procedure allowing owners of domestic property to access from the city.

This requires an application, an affidavit from the owner, and notice and a public hearing. However, the city is not obligated to grant access if it determines that the construction of a road is not in the public interest. .