Self Certification Build Over Agreement Thames Water

Figure 2: Construction of contract processing fees for different tube diameter classes So, answering the question: Can I build through a channel? The answer in principle is yes! But it depends on your circumstances. Don`t worry, just fill in as much of the app as possible with as much detail as possible, even if they are very simple. Your owner or architect should be able to help you. It is quite possible to obtain a self-certified construction agreement if the building meets all the following conditions: – a one or two storey construction that is grown on existing land. – No obvious problems with sewers, such as odours, constipation or flooding. – Access points to the pipe, such as wells, inspection chambers or bar genes, are at least 500 mm outside the building. – Sewers must not change in diameter, direction, materials or gradients under or next to the proposed building. – The sewers are no more than 2 m underground. – The sewers are no more than 160 mm in diameter.

– The sewers are made of clay or plastic. – The building is built on foundations of stripes or trenches. – The sewers are in good condition. – No relief or alliance is for sewers. – If buildings are all the width of the garden, the sewers can still be accessed by the neighbouring garden. – Minimum distances are respected according to Figure 3. Most Build Overs don`t need a CCTV survey, so we can authorize it immediately. But if your channel is not-in-inland or above 160 mm (6″) In diameter, we order a CCTV survey before construction as soon as we agree with your project. The use of professional quality air to ventilate and dry the area For sewers with a diameter of more than 160 mm, you must let us know if the construction work is completed so that we can order a ccTV examination after construction to check the condition of the sewers.

We check CCTV`s surveys before obtaining authorization. If possible, I would like to first arrange a phone call with you and the key agents involved in your Developer Services department. I believe that the ongoing developments in Infotec`s products and services are making significant improvements today, notably through pre-condition and post-condition investigations and monitoring functions that take place in difficult sewer access situations.