House Management Agreement

For services considered extra, the agreement should clearly define how these obligations will be charged to you. Is it a flat fee, a percentage fee, or is the fee set on a case-by-case basis before the service is provided? Duration of agreement. This contract applies from the date – and expires on the date – At the expiry of the period covered by this term, this contract is extended and extended automatically for a similar period, unless it is terminated in writing by one of the parties by communicating it in a timely manner – days before the renewal date. This agreement can also be denounced at any time, by mutual agreement between the parties. After the termination of the owner paid the managers all fees, commissions and expenses under this agreement, the managers to pay. If the premises are not rented within 90 days of the conclusion of this contract or a vacancy of more than 90 days, the owner reserves the right to cancel this contract. 8.3. The treaty is the complete agreement between the contracting parties and the contracting parties must read and approve all the conditions, as shown by the signing of the treaty. 2.2.6. The Governor is authorized to represent the interests of the owners in matters related to the administration of the state of ownership, local authorities and other entities relating to all individuals and corporations, as well as the courts, including the ordering/deposit and receipt of all necessary documents, certificates and other data from national and local authorities, including the National Property Service, the Land Registry and the Citizenship and Migration Office; If the agreement requires the administrator to be liable for money on the basis of annual revenues, the owner is required to make that payment at the time of termination of the contract. Administration fees are the most common type of fees charged by a property manager. Keep a close eye on how this tax is broken down. As a general rule, you must terminate between 30 and 90 days in advance to terminate the contract.

Make sure that the agreement also stipulates that the property management company must give you at least 30 days at least 30 days in advance if it decides to terminate the contract. The owner should read and check, recommended with the lawyer, their agreement with the property manager. In most standard contracts, a termination with a sufficient termination of thirty (30) days is allowed.