Breaking Agreement With The Enemy

By using this form, you agree to store and process your data on this site. “While you are doing this, you are eloquent of your enemy`s pretensions to keep you in bondage. Besides, your enemy will not appreciate the fact that you are about to be free. He`ll try to stop you from praying like that. He`ll try to distract you (the phone will ring, you`ll suddenly be hungry, you`ll feel like you`re doing it tomorrow). He`s going to try to make you feel like it`s so stupid, I can`t believe I`m doing it out loud. It will make you feel like it`s not working or it`s not working; I`m going to be one of those nuts. Push it all. Lord Jesus, show me all the accompanying chords that work here. I renounce the agreement that I am alone, that no one will protect me. I renounce the agreement that I am dirty and disgusting.

I shamefully renounce any agreement. I renounce the agreement that I can never be forgiven. Spirit, show me what I must pray, reveal these agreements. Without realizing it, you have made thousands of chords over the course of your life. These agreements could have been made either with God or with Satan. Can you imagine shaking Satan`s hand or signing an agreement with him? Sounds horrible, doesn`t it? But this is what most Christians have done in many areas of their lives. Ephesians 4:27 says, “Don`t shut up the devil.” Don`t let the devil stop. That is, the only one who can capture him is you! The only access the devil has in your life is the access you give him. In fact, I have talked here about opening doors and I encourage you to read them for a more detailed explanation. It is an exercise in prayer to break the agreements we have made with the enemy. You ask God to reveal these agreements to you. If he reveals them…

To break them. Sometimes they will come to see you in prayer when you hear phrases like “You`re such an idiot.” It may be a feeling, and God will remind you of a lingering feeling of shame, guilt or fear. Sometimes you remember a scene and you replay it in your head. It can be a scene of a father`s injury, something of an older brother on you or against you, an injury of your mother or a grandparent, teacher, coach, boss or old friend. You`re going to rush into vivid details. Other ways to reveal agreements — what do you say all the time? You know, your own conversations, things you thought you were only talking about. “You`re a loser.” “You`ll never go together.” “You`re a disappointment.” “You can never do anything right,” etc. Spirit of God, seek me, know me, show me the agreements I have made in this field. I am now waiving these agreements. [Be very specific.] I renounce the agreement that [What? “I`ll never get a leave of absence?” “Is anger just a part of me?” “Is it too late?”] I break these agreements in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ. I will not do that. I renounce any pretension they have given to the enemy in my life.

Jesus, my savior, will break these fortresses. Setme free at this place. It`s so powerful. God recently began to talk to me about breaking the agreements I made with the devil, consciously or unconsciously. Finding this is so topical. Now I go in deliberate and deliberate agreement with the Word of God. Praise the Lord. For generations, they were told they couldn`t, they feared for years what was going to happen, and for decades they accepted what they had been given. When the Tunisian revolution showed them and the world that it was possible to defend their rights, it allowed Egypt, along with many other countries, to believe that they “could” and then fought for their freedom.