Bergen Community College Articulation Agreements

If you apply online at, click “Promote Online.” Please include the diploma in the curriculum code. A student must apply for a diploma or certification program in order to verify, evaluate and transfer their official transcript. Applications can be sent over the Internet, mailed, faxed or sent in person. Kean University works with a large number of community colleges across the country to facilitate the transfer process and ensure student success. Joint agreements allow students to start their course at the community university level, while being provisionally admitted to Kean with full junior status. Although articulation agreements are not necessary for transfer, they offer the following benefits for students who graduate from 2-year-old schools: students from Bergen Community College spend each year at colleges and universities in the United States. Over the years, our students have moved to universities in fifty countries as well as universities in countries around the world. Please submit an official transcript of the high school and an official university/university transcript of each school/university/university that is taught at the Admissions Office, 400 Paramus Road, Paramus, NJ 07652. Only official transcripts in a sealed envelope are accepted for the transfer of credits. Transcripts can also be delivered in person as long as they are placed in a stamped envelope and sealed by the registry office of the mailing establishment. Transcripts from other institutions are not passed on to students or third parties.

Before you finish at Bergen Community College, we advise you to participate in the information sessions on university transfer. You have the opportunity to meet with representatives of district schools on campus. Once you have found that there is an agreement that is beneficial to you, inform the admissions office of the four-year university if you apply. The admission of students eligible for joint admission to Kean and Essex County College is based on principles and guidelines established in separate articulation agreements to support the following academic programs at Kean University, as defined in a joint agreement, which was concluded on October 17 between Kean and St. Elizabeth`s College in 2014, in 2014, The Nathan Weiss Graduate College at Kean University allowed students who passed the 15-Credit Certificate in the Holocaust and Genocide Education Programe at St. Elizabeth`s College – and who meet all of Kean`s admission requirements – to transfer 9 university credits if they participate in the Master`s program at the University of the Holocaust and Genocide. Students must meet the course requirements described in the equivalency bulletin below to obtain the number of transferable credits listed above: Archway to Ramapo is a guaranteed means of your Community College at Ramapo College to offer academic advice to Community College students who wish to enrol in Ramapo during their years at the community school and guarantees admission to Ramapo if they meet the requirements of the GPA. Students can access a transfer equivalency report via WebAdvisor,>Log In>WebAdvisor for students> Academic Profile>Program. In case of questions or complaints, students can apply to the admissions office a articulation agreement is a formal agreement signed between Bergen Community College and a four-year university or university. It describes the benefits and benefits for mountain students when they are transferred to this university. While agreements can be valuable assets in the transfer process, it is important to note that Bergen students successfully move to many universities where there is no agreement.